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Talking cure counseling services helps you to identify and manage your emotional wounds.

Where You Start Understanding Your Thoughts!

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, we have become so busy that we accept the information coming from all sides as correct, due to many information, the thoughts of our brain take place. The way we are seeing family, office, school, or any place in today’s time, we see them according to the thoughts we have accumulated till date. On the one hand, where we see and understand things according to our own perspective, on the other hand sometimes those things are different from that ideology. If we see as an example, sometimes in our family, without understanding anything, we get into an argument, when we come to know the reality later, there is nothing but regret. Talking Cure Counseling makes you aware of your thoughts which further helps you to understand things better and manage them. With proper management of thoughts, we can easily solve most of the problems in our life.

Counseling is given for Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Relationship/Marriage issues, and Many others. Book an appointment and consult online!
It is done through Google Meet. All you need is a smartphone with a Camera. NO chat/audio counseling is provided. The counsellor will generate and send you the google meet link within (not before) ten minutes from the appointment time via WhatsApp Text.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions given below or before booking an appointment.
A session usually lasts for 45 minutes to 1 Hour.
No Refund is possible. Please ensure your/client’s availability & willingness before paying the fee. It cannot be rescheduled. Only client’s agenda will be taken and client will be met first. If the client is not online for 20 minutes from the scheduled appointment time, the session will be canceled and no refund is possible. Also kindly check for high-speed internet connection at your place for a video call. Please keep at least 2 sources of internet connection for safety

The counseling services are offered for Adults and Adolescents / Teenagers (Children above 12 yrs) that may resolve:

About The Counselor

Lt Col Indira (MNS Retd) is a trained counseling psychologist, a post
graduate in counseling and Family therapy along with a specialization in marital and couple relations. Counselor at Talking cure counseling services is a certified career guidance and psychometry counselor, a certified transactional analyst, a mindfulness life coach, accredited and certified child, and adolescent counselor. She is a mindful and empathetic listener who offers guidance and counseling related to.

With more than 23 years of clinical experience in the Military Nursing Service,
counseling critically ill patients and their family members, she relates closely to the mental trauma during the illness of loved ones. Her in-depth knowledge of medical and psychological ailments helps as an added the benefit to the clients.

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